Options for Aging Loved Ones

Dated: March 7 2024

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Options for Aging Loved Ones

Finding the right solutions when a parent or loved one reaches their golden years isn't always easy.  I know this from personal experience.  Our parents want to remain independent and certainly do want to be perceived as a "burden" as they age.  We, as their adult children, want to protect them, help them and be around for whatever is needed in the years to come. 

If you have had the same sleepless nights that I did worrying about the best options for your parents, you can relate.  My father did not want to leave his home after my mom passed.  This was partially because he has spent the last 50 years there and partially because at that time, properties offering the ideal in-law setup for us, were incredibly expensive and very hard to find.

With a teenager at home, multiple pets (his and ours) and 3 very independent adults, finding the right floor plan, yard setup and parking options was a nightmare.  To make matters worse, we needed a one story home or at least an in-law option that did not have stairs for him to climb.

Ultimately, we decided that moving into his home, my childhood home, was the best option.  It was large enough and with some updates and small changes, we could make it work.  Was it perfect? No.  However, it was certainly doable.

Almost five years later, we are still here and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Being together is such a blessing and it not only helps my dad but helps me just as much!  I am not running between two homes, worrying about him when I am not there and I get the 24/7 benefit of his knowledge and experience with household maintenance, everyday life situations and parenting a teenager. (Ugh!)  Having someone at home to handle little things that come up is also a huge blessing with my crazy schedule.  It really is a win win for everyone even if we are a bit cramped on occasion and his dog still won't be friends with my cats. (Maybe next year?)

While this living arrangement may not work for every family or every situation.. for us, it is absolutely wonderful and I would encourage others to do it in a heartbeat.

Have you been considering multi-generational options for your family?  Not sure where to start?  I can help.  Not only have I been through the process myself but I have helped many clients over the last 30+ years who are in the same boat.  Don't try to go it alone!

If buying a new property that can accommodate your changing needs is the right choice for you, perhaps consider this wonderful one-story pool home on over a half acre with a FANTASTIC in-law apartment:

2505 Fenton - Melbourne

No matter what direction you are leaning, give me a call to discuss your needs and perhaps my experience can help.  I would be honored to do so.  You can reach me at 321-508-5224 via text or phone.  Thank you for reading.


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